How to Enjoy iTunes Movies on Samsung Smart TV via USB Flash Drive?

"I received a nice Samsung Smart TV as a Christmas gift and I have a couple unwatched movies I purchased on iTunes that I'd like to be able to watch on my TV as I do with the HBO Go, NetFlix, Amazon apps on my Samsung TV, etc. Is there an app I can download to watch iTunes purchases just as I watch Netflix et al? Before I had my smart TV or blu ray players with Netflix and Amazon I used to just connect my MacBook pro to my HDTV, but I feel like this method is quited outmoded now and was hoping for a different solution... "

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It's always a good choice to enjoy iTunes HD movies with Samsung Smart TV for a better visual effect. Samsung Smart TV did an amazing job to enjoy High Definition videos and it can play movies of various formats, yet the iTunes M4V videos are not included for the videos are DRM protected. Digital Right Management (DRM) can prohibit the m4v file from being played on media players other than apple devices and a limited numbers of computers. Samsung smart TV is left in the cold. To play iTunes M4V videos on Samsung smart TV through USB flash drive,the first thing is to strip the DRM protection from iTunes M4V and convert it to a regular video file format which is supported by Samsung smart TV’s USB drive playback capability.

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How to get rid of DRM and play iTunes videos on Samsung Smart TV?

Step 1. Download and install M4VGear.

M4VGear is a powerful DRM removal that can not only strip DRM Protection from both iTunes purchased and rented movies at 20 times faster speed, but also convert iTunes M4V movies to regular MP4 format with all subtitles and audio tracks retained.

>> Download Latest Version of M4VGear for Mac Here <<

>> Download Latest Version of M4VGear for Windows Here <<

Note: M4VGear for Mac can only run on Mac OS 10.8 or later with iTunes 11 or later installed. If you are running Mac OS 10.7, please try version 1.0.1.

Step 2. Import Video Files to M4VGear

Click "Add"  button or  "Add Files"  icon, and you'll see a pop-up window as the following picture shows, then please follow the steps in the picture:

steps after clicking Add

Step 3. Start Conversion

After you've added files sucessfully, you can click the "wheel gear" icon on the end of each file list to set the audio track and choose other output paths by clicking the button on the left bottom of the interface. Then click "Convert" button to start the coversion. You can stop converting during the conversion by clicking Stop button.

start converting m4v to mp4

Step 4. Play the converted videos on Samsung Smart TV

When you have finished the conversion, you can find your converted files by clicking "History" on the right top. Now you can transfer the videos to USB and enjoy them on Samsung Smart TV.

find converted videos

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