How to Unlock Period Limitation From iTunes Rentals on Windows?

When it comes to renting movies from iTunes, the first thing flashing into people's mind is that there exists many restrictions and inconvenience in the iTunes rentals. Here the article will focus on rental period restriction and explore how to unlock it from iTunes rentals.

iTunes rented movies

When iTunes Rentals Expire?

There are two time limits you need to be aware of when it comes to iTunes Movie Rentals. The first starts once you play the rented movie for the first time. After hitting play, you have just 24 hours (in the US) or 48 hours (elsewhere) to finish watching the movie. If you don't finish watching it in that time, the movie will expire and disappear from your iTunes library .

The second time limit is how long you have to watch it the first time after download. In this case, you have 30 days from the day you rented the movie to watch it. Whether you watch the movie or not, your rental will expire after 30-day.

How to lift the period restriction of the iTunes rental movie?

As we all know, the limitation added on iTunes rental movies is related to the Apple's Fairplay DRM protection. Apple introduce this DRM technologies to prevent consumers making more use of their digital content. But to consumers, the DRM protection brings them much inconvenience to play rentals freely. So, there is need to find a iTunes DRM removal tool. In this case, we can keep the iTunes rental movies forever and play them freely.

M4VGear DRM Media Converter is a highly recommended software to kill the iTunes DRM protection from rental movies and TV shows.

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Step 1. Import Rental Movies to the M4VGear

Launch M4VGear, and iTunes will be automatically opened with it. Click "Add"  button or "Add Files"  icon, you can import the iTunes rental movies directly from iTunes library. If you have downloaded the rental movies, you can also drag and drop the rental movies to M4VGear.

Add Rental Movies

Step 2. Customize output path

Go bottom left interface to choose the output path you want to save the output video in the pop-up window. Otherwise it will be set as default.

Customize output path

Step 3. Convert

Click the "Convert" button to start the coversion. Also, you can stop converting during the conversion by clicking Stop button. Once the conversion done, you can get a MP4 video without any limitation. You can store the MP4 videos as long as you want.

start converting m4v to mp4

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