Top Way to Transfer iTunes Purchased/Rented Movies to Other Accounts

iTunes DRM

Restrictions of iTunes DRM

As we all know, movies bought or rented from iTunes movie store are strictly protected by Apple's Fariplay DRM facilities. The DRM protection makes the movies not allowed to share via internet, convert to other formats and transfer to any other account. What's worse is that we can't watch these movies on any non Apple products, like VLC or android devices.

Who want to transfer iTunes downloaded movies to another account?

There are plenty of iTunes users want to transfer iTunes movies to another account for various reasons. The most common reason is that they want to share their purchased or rented movies with their family or friends. The following questions are asked by the iTunes users who want to transfer movies to another account:

Q: How can I transfer a movie I bought to my wife on her account to my account?

--Asked by Francis407 on Apple Support Communities

Q: How do i transfer a rented movie from my user account to my son's user account?

--Asked by jh5684 on Apple Support Communities

What Should We Do to Transfer Our iTunes Movies to Other Accounts?

If you are trying transfer your own iTunes movies to other iTunes account, you have to get rid off the iTunes DRM before that. The third-party DRM removal software will help you remove DRM protection with ease.

M4VGear DRM Media Converter for Windows is a smart and professional iTunes DRM removal software. With this DRM remover, you can get DRM free videos as soon as 20x faster, and 100% lossless quality. With intuitive interface and easy understood settings, you can handle this Mac DRM software at the first of view.

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M4VGear Interface

M4VGear DRM Media Converter is the best choice for Windows users who want to transfer their iTunes DRM movies to other accounts.

A Powerful DRM Media Converter for Windows

(1) Retain AC3 5.1 audio track of iTunes videos.

(2) Remove DRM from iTunes Rentals and Purchases at 20X faster speed.

(3) Convert iTunes movies, TV Shows, Music Videos to unprotected MP4.

(4) Keep multi-language audio tracks and subtitles.

(5) Support batch conversion. Very easy to use.

3 steps to convert

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